Summer Service on 7/24 @ UUCMC

Summer Service on 7/24 @ UUCMC

SisterCircle will lead the worship service at Unitarian/Universalist Congregation of Monmouth County on Sunday, July 24 at 10:30 a.m.

During the summer, SisterCircle continues to offer a lay service, as we have done in the past. This year, our theme and focus is on the ways we use and perform rituals in daily life, entitled “Thinking in Circles: Myth and Ritual in Everyday Life” -Sister circle and Friends

Celebrating the changing seasons and major life transitions through ritual storytelling are truly human endeavors that we share with our earliest ancestors. Long-held associations with songs, stories, smells and tastes fuel the sense of belonging and reassure us that the circle of life repeats itself. We will create a sacred space to explore the power of ritual to connect us to things of lasting value, to inspire and bring hope.

We are happy to say that we are ready, willing and able to provide the inspiration, music, and dance for this interesting service. We hope to see you there.


Blessed be.


Labyrinth Coming to a UU Congregation near You!

We are hard at work planning and preparing for our fourth annual labyrinth meditation. Along with’s Maxine and others at #UUCMC, we hope for a good turnout.

Please bring something to share. There will be time to relax and talk about your experience afterwards. Please let us know if you want to help. We will need greeters and people to point the way – bathroom, etc. 🙂 throughout the day.

sistercircle labyrinth 2016 flyer

Looking forward!

Yule Tidings

Our Yule ritual was held last night at #UUCMC in #Lincroft. We were a small group, but big in spirit and enthusiasm. We kept a quiet profile, with stately energy-raising music (an oxymoron?) – and a wonderful, filling feast afterwards.

Altar pics will be posted soon.

May the Yule goddesses bless and keep you warm this holiday season!


Yuletide Blessings!

Each year we reflect upon the season of Yule. That time when we prepare not for the dark, but for the return of the light. Most religions, most belief systems have some sort of recognition of this event, be it the birth of a savior, the return of the sun, or another method. Any way it’s done, it’s an acknowledgement that soon the days will begin to lengthen, and the crops and herds will be renewed once again.

Although we no longer rely on crops and herds, (although we should be mindful of where our resources lie), taking the time to pause and feel grateful is good and healthy. Perhaps you will find new ways this coming year to honor the Earth our Mother and spread the good news of her bounty and joyful outlook.

Even when things look their worst, our tiny blue planet/home/spaceship will continue to revolve around her sun. What we do on/to her matters, and what we do to ourselves matters as well.

It’s almost Fall, But We’re Still Standing

As our official Mabon or Fall Equinox observation and ritual, we are planning – as a Circle, to participate in the 9/20 Climate Change Action (see below).

We are also planning a book discussion group on Being Mortal by Atul Gawande. For more details, check our website and back here as we firm up our planning this very night!

Vigil for a Fair & Compassionate Global Climate Agreement

Sunday, September 20th, 6:30-8 pm
United Methodist Church, 247 Broad St., Red Bank

Brief inspirational talks, singing & drumming, followed by silent witness with solar lamps or LED candles (bring your own).
(NOTE: Please carpool and refrain from plastic water bottles or live flames.)

For UUs, this vigil is a direct follow up to “Act for a Livable Climate” adopted at GA this June.

Action in our nation’s capital: Thursday, September 24th for the Moral Action on Climate to coincide with the Pope’s address to a joint session of Congress.

Welcome to the Beginning of September

We on the Jersey Shore feel a bit overwhelmed by all the traffic and activities. There is no time to do everything, and the things that are important take precedence of just plain, well, fun.

Whatever accomplishments we have had, we are always happy to return to our Circle, where we can breathe in relief and enjoy the moments with each other.

We will be planning the Equinox for Fall soon. Check our dates and come plan with us. As always, go with the Goddess and be blessed.

Rituals Reflect the Wheel of the Year

We are currently riding the wave of Spring courtesy of the return of Persephone to the green earth. We are going to be posting rituals periodically, and hope you enjoy our past rituals as well.

We also plan to post some of our writings, invocations, poetry (with attributions) – and hope that we can be of help to new groups, established, all groups who are seeking inspiration from Internet sources.

Blessed Be!